The Distress/Rescue Beacon is an important personal safety device because it is portable and it is multi functional.  It can be used in many distress situations, i.e. a car breakdown, all out doors activities, and especially when boating because the signal has “over-the-horizon” capability.  It is not dependent on cell phone communication.

The signal is controlled by a micro-controller integrated chip that directs the devise to electronically flash the “SOS”  distress/rescue signal (dot, dot, dot; dash, dash, dash; dot, dot, dot) through circuitry and a bright new generation Light Emitting Diode (LED).  The brightness is approximately the same as a 60 watt bulb and can be seen at a distance of 44 miles in clear air.

Morse code doctrine requires individual dot and dash signals to be of the required duration, and with the required pause between each dot and dash.  Also, there is a specified pause time between each series of dots or dashes, and each entire “SOS” signal.  This program complies with all Morse code requirements.

It is portable because it is approximately 4.5 inches long and has a diameter of 1 3/4 inches; therefore,  it is light in weight ( 6 ounces) and easily transportable.   It is easy and convenient to operate because it has push button activation.

The battery pack manufacturer’s specifications and the conservation of energy principle, the expected battery pack power life for continuous operation is greater than 60 hours.

It is water resistant because it is sealed by compressible “O” rings at all possible water entry points on the case, plus a water resistant ON/OFF button.

Its case has a clip, (CAUTION:  the clip has a sharp point),that can attach the device to a belt, back strap, life jacket, hook clip or clothing, and worn around your neck on a lanyard. Also, it can be attached to a line and be hoisted to the top of a mast where its vertical illumination can be seen by observers on ships over the horizon as well as by aircraft and satellites.  Because of increased personal safety, it is possible for commercial users to obtain lower insurance rates. due to decreased liability.